Research at the Solodkin/Small Brain Circuits Laboratory focuses on the motor and language functions of the human brain and is founded on an integrated interdisciplinary approach that combines the efforts of many departments and divisions. Active studies stress the function and organization of human cerebral cortex, along with the integration and development of advanced analytic procedures.The Solodkin/Small Brain Circuits Laboratory collaborates with members of the Departments of Neurology and Psychology at the University of Chicago and the Departments of Neurobiology and Behavior and Cognitive Sciences at the University of California – Irvine, as well as with numerous departments at Chicago – the Departments of Human Development, Linguistics, Economics, the Computation Institute, and Argonne National Laboratories. At Irvine, other collaborators include the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, the Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders, and the Institute for Clinical and Translational Sciences. In addition, the Solodkin/Small Brain Circuits Laboratory is affiliated with many other laboratories, centers and individual researchers worldwide.