Graduate Students

Yile Wang, M.S.

Brain Dynamics

Yile joined the Brain Circuits Lab in 2020 as a master’s student and then started his Ph.D. with Dr. Solodkin in 2021. He is interested in the brain dynamics of  Alzheimer Disease, and he enjoys using computational neuroscience techniques to solve practical questions.

Before coming to the University of Texas at Dallas, Yile received his B.S. in psychology from Southern Medical University in China. In his spare time, he loves to code.

Annette Glotfelty, M.S.

Neurobiology of Language

Annette joined the Brain Circuits Lab in 2021 as a Ph.D. student with Dr. Small.


Wanqiao Ding, B.S.

Brain Dynamics

Wanqiao joined the Brain Circuits Lab in 2022 as a Ph.D. student with Dr. Solodkin.

Ethan Burkett, M.S.

Brain Dynamics

Ethan joined the Brain Circuits Lab in 2021 as an undergraduate and now is completing his M.S. degree with Dr. Solodkin.


Lucia Moya Sans, B.Eng.

Brain Dynamics

Lucia joined the Brain Circuits Lab in 2021 after meeting Dr. Solodkin at a European graduate course on brain dynamics. She has been attending lab meetings virtually for several years and is now in a Ph.D. program in Zurich.

Bangjie Wang, M.S.

Neurobiology of Language

Bangjie is a Ph.D. student in Cognitive Neuroscience with Dr. Anila D’Mello and Dr. Small. His work focuses on the functional organization of language in the cerebellum. He is interested in understanding how the cerebellum and cortex, as well as their interactions, support language comprehension. He completed his B.A. in Psychology from Grinnell College and his M.Sc. in Neuroscience from University College London. In his spare time, Bangjie enjoys cooking and learning new recipes.